scary boy robots (flight__) wrote in dearsnape,
scary boy robots

096: You Know It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp.

Dear Snape,

Let me give you a bit of background on myself before I state my question. I'm... in this 'organization' you could say that supposedly helps people, been in it for awhile now due to taming snakes and being able to speak to them. Also I kind of... like to drink, a lot really, even when on job supposedly. I'd been on the edge for awhile and they finally snapped.

I mean, a bit of... a female group thing mixed in with drinking and some... illegal substances isn't a bad thing, right? But for this I was kicked out of the organization and told to get into rehab which I haven't.

I've been thinking about going against them by myself, with a group, or just leaving it alone like it never happened.

What do you think? Should I destory them or leave it alone?


Ticked Off

By 'female group', do you mean 'lesbian orgy', by any chance?

What have I told you?

::heavy sigh:: No fantasizing about the people who write us letters.

Yes. Now apologize.

::grimace:: Ticked Off, I apologize.

Now go to your room.

::stomps upstairs, slams door::

::yelling:: And no dissecting until tomorrow!

Now, Ticked Off, you should probably cut your losses and leave the group be. In most situations, groups such as yours simply implode upon themselves, and you'll want to be far away when that happens.

Oh, you mean implode like when former members switch sides, and give vital information to enemy groups?

Yes, Sarah, that's exactly what I mean.

Don't we know someone who was in a situation like that? I could swear we do...

::deadpan:: You're hilarious. Utterly hysterical.

Oh, darling. You don't have to tell me that. I already know.
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