scary boy robots (flight__) wrote in dearsnape,
scary boy robots

104: 'Cause I'm Bossy.

Dear Snape,

This woman I work with is constantly talking about her cat, Fancy Face. She sits between the break room, and the copy room, and right next to the water cooler so she is hard as hell to avoid. Any time you walk past she stops you to discuss Fancy Face and it's torturous.

My Admin and myself have been planning for some time to kill the cat, but in some way, I feel like this is not the cat's fault. As a matter of fact, she has several pictures of the cat dressed up in dolls clothing and I can't help but think the look on the cat's face is one of utter contempt.

If the cat hates her, the cat can't be half bad.

So, if killing the cat is out, what else would you suggest?


Wicked at work


First of all, let me say that you are my type of woman - planning murder is always a proper option, though I am much more of the opinion that you should kill the woman as opposed to her cat.

I hate people who dress up their cats. And are obsessed with their cats. And who have cats.

::to Snape:: She's still upset, you should run... t-minus three, two, one...

::screaming at Snape:: HOW COULD YOU?!?! Bootsie was so cute and you cut him up for your vile potion!

You ASKED me to make it!

I didn't know it required ESSENCE OF KITTEN! And what exactly warranted leaving his TAIL on my PILLOW?!

::continue back and forth in the background::

Well, looking at this problem, I'd say put a lock on her office door that only opens from the outside with a key that YOU hold. Thanks for writing!
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