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107: Oh Noes! Be Careful, Draco.

Dear Snape,

I was seeing this really great wizard last year at Hogwarts. He was this great looking blond and every girl in Slytherin wanted him (Some of the guys too!). I was surprised when he showed an interest in me because I'm not very attractive. In fact, I'm rather big and ugly and most boys just find me terrifying.

One day, this boy started showing interest in me. At first, I just thought it was some kind of cruel joke. But one night I was alone in the Slytherin common
room, and we started talking. He opened up to me, and I opened up to him. He actually listened to me, and the words he spoke made me feel special and loved. I felt like I had never known anyone as well as I knew him in that moment. I had never told anyone the things I shared with him that night. We ended the conversation with a passionate kiss, and for months after that we conducted a love affair right under the noses of our peers.

I must admit that I fell deeply in love with him. He said he reciprocated these feelings, and I believed him. I still believe him. We spent many nights holding each other, just comforting him in his time of need, and many others just whispering endearments to each other and snuggling naked together on the floor by a fireplace in the Room of Requirement; both tired from our strenuous love-making. Our love was so pure and deep that I can never imagine loving anyone else for as long as I live.

But one night, he vanished. He warned me many months before that he probably would, but the night when it happened still shattered my heart into a million
pieces. I know that he is now on the run and hiding from the Ministry. Please, Professor Snape. I beg of you, please tell me how I can find him. I must see him
again. Even if it is just one more time. I must know that his love for me really does run as deeply as mine does for him.

Broken Hearted Slytherin M.B.


Holy bloody Merlin. ::smacks his forehead::

Oh my... ::giggles::

Do tell, boy. For once I'd like to hear you talk.

::to Snape:: Shut up, you.

I quite agree with Severus. Let's hear it.

::ignores them:: For the last bloody time, Millicent... I AM NOT YOUR LOVER. I never was. I never will be. You are delusional, and entirely right in your self-description.

::smacks his head:: That's so insensitive. If she's crazy, the last thing she needs is you bringing her further down.

No, he's right, Sarah. Millicent Bulstrode is one of those... steer-like girls. There was one in your year, if I remember correctly.

Are you talking about Veronica Ingwell?


::shudders, then walks off in a daze::

What was that about?

Veronica Ingwell threw Sarah over a fence when they were in their first year. She was in the hospital wing for a week.




Oh well. Millicent, I'll send you an owl with Draco's direct contact information.

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*giggles* Brilliant.

Your icon? SO TRUE.
Draco... does Harry know about this? You know how he is, he'd be so hurt if you weren't faithful. Please don't give him more reason to whine -- oh, I can hear it now -- nobody loves me, I'm an abused orphan, the Dark Lord keeps messing up my life, no one gives me the respect I deserve AND Draco left me for MILLICENT BULSTRODE.


Don't let him find out.
cool... ^.^

good luck, draco! hee. ^.^